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All summer long, water seller Abu Firas is working in Bethlehem around the clock. The city is suffering from a
shortage of running water and the inhabitants are obliged to buy water at inflated prices. Through his daily journey
on his water truck, Abu Firas shows us the unique city of Bethlehem.

Director: Mohammad Fuad

“I know the water seller Abu Firas from Bethlehem. My family and I get our water from his truck when we run out. Then, we have to decide whether we should do laundry, clean the house or take a shower. It creates problems between us, for a 10 minute shower I take, leaves my brother with a 2 minute shower, tops.“

“This is the first time I’ve worked with Israelis. I did not feel our working together is political, but human. The film does not deal with politics directly, but in passing. Still, everything in our lives is political and related to Israel.”

“My friends and I went to Tel Aviv University, only to find that Israelis know nothing about us. We live in the same country, It’s not that big. There’s no separation – it is one country.”

Mohammad Fuad is 26 years old, and lives in Bethlehem. He is graduated from Film Studies of Dar al- Kalima Art College in Bethlehem.

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