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Raz, a tired reserve soldier, guards a broken army truck and Radja, a Palestinian who broke the curfew. The two
repeatedly attempt to jumpstart the truck, while a friendly donkey refuses to leave them alone.

Director: Yona Rozenkier

“I can rely to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict only from the eyes of a soldier. I felt it is only right I will take that point of view. I directed it, I wrote the screenplay, I act in it, I was there – I was that soldier. Who can tell me I’m making it up? Who can say I’m lying? My parents
Immigrated to Israel, I come from a kibbutz – a left winged, Zionist atmosphere. The basic idea of rebuilding Zion, being a light unto the nations, the righteous people – when in fact we are not - Is this the answer to our prays?”

Yona is 31 years old, born and raised in kibbutz Yehiam, currently living in Tel Aviv.

He is graduated from the Film and Television department of Tel Aviv University.

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