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70-year-old Kareem returns to Palestine after 30 years in Chicago. Upon his return, he builds a swimming pool thanks
to a spring flowing on his land. Palestinian families come enjoy the peacefullness of the place, to relax. Until groups
of settlers burst onto the scene.

Director: Ahmad Bargouthi

“We are born political. Politics is not a practice, sometimes it is your life. I struggle to reach the day when I will be able to take the time and deal with my personal life, my pure,
private life. The day in which I will deal with enjoying it, like taking my children hiking without checking the local news before.”
“During the hot summer, when the electricity usage in Tel Aviv is extremely high, Israel cuts off the electricity in Ramallah. No one will tell people in Tel Aviv to reduce their usage, they will simply cut Ramallah off. No one will tell the settlers in Khalamis to reduce their usage, while us in Ramallah will not even be notified about the cut off.”

Ahmad is 35 years old, lives in Ramallah. Ahmad has a vast experience in production and editing, and he teaches film editing in “Alasarya” College, Ramallah. This is his first film.

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