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Israeli-Palestinian Cinematic Project

Ten directors, Israeli and Palestinian embarked on a journey to create short films, fiction or documentary, inspired by WATER.


WATER symbolized the source of possibilities the primal core of all things. While producing the films the filmmakers took part in joint meetings at Tel-Aviv University with professional cinema and theatre experts, from both sides, presenting their ideas to one another.


Produced in creative freedom and in mixed crews of Palestinian and Israelis, the films reflect a personal, courageous point of view on reality.




HD, 148 / 120 minutes, color,

original version: Arabic, Hebrew, English.

Letter of Intent

Water in cinema is a poetic subject, and suggests quiet, pastoral landscapes. However, in the context of the Israel-Palestine conflict it is clearly political as well, and involves permanent struggles possibly leading to violence. It was this clash between poetic images of water and the political aspect of everyday life that led me to choose this theme which has become the Israeli Palestinian Cinematic Project: WATER.

In times of frozen dialogue between the two peoples, I saw unusual things happening: quietly but surely young Israeli and Palestinian directors met each other and built a direct relationship. Their intimate collaboration was reflected in the films.

I don't illude myself that art can bring political changes: the reality that we live in is too difficult and complex for it. However, I know that we created a group of young people full of energy, determined to choose a different step forward. Yes, it was a small step, but nevertheless a step full of hope.

Yael Perlov

Project initiator and Artistic Director
Tel Aviv University

Producers: Yael Perlov, Kobi Mizrahi and Maya de-Vries

Co-Producer: Edgard Tenembaum

Co-Production: Tu Vas Voir

Associate Producer: Michel Zana

World Sales: WIDE

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