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Mohammad Bakri and his two sons, Saleh and Ziad, are living in a small flat in Tel Aviv. Their neighbor Sarah, a
Holocaust survivor, asks them to assist her with her eye-drop medication. A unique and mysterious connection grows
among them.

Director: Mohammad Bakri

“This story took place 11 years ago. I needed something to push me into working on it – writing, directing and acting.“ “I wish to screen this film in Ramallah. I say the same things

here and there – I speak one voice. I tell my children the same things I tell strangers. I cannot tell how people in Ramallah may experience a film that deals with a Holocaust 
survivor, it is a question that has yet to be answered.”

Mohammad was born in Albene village of the Galilee in 1953. He graduated high school in Acre and studied Theater and Arab Literature in Tel Aviv University. He has been working as an actor and a director in theater and cinema for the past 35 years.

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