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Rauda is a 19-year-old girl from the village of Dahamash. Her usual everyday routine breaks when her mother needs to be replaced in her house cleaning job at a wealthy neighborhood. Meeting Noya and Adam, two Israeli teenagers, Rauda begins to examine her life in a new perspective.

Director: Heli Hardy

“From the first moment I knew I wanted to create a film that deals with an Arab cleaning woman who works in a house that has a swimming pool. I knew she must come from a place that doesn’t have much means. I heard there are such villages outside Israel, in the Occupied Territories, and I was curious to know whether there are such villages inside Israel. I started my web research and found one, 10 minutes from Tel Aviv, just near the
city of Lod. I was shocked to find out it is so close.”
“I feel resemblance between the character of the Arab cleaning woman and myself, especially in our curiosity, in dreaming of a better place. The thought that a wealthier
environment may improve her life is not always real. The will for better life, in honor and respect, seems like an ambition we both share.”

28 years old, born in Haifa and currently living in Tel Aviv. Graduated the Film and Television department of Tel Aviv University. Previously studied theatre and drama in Beit Zvi School of Preforming Arts.

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