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Sarah, an Orthodox Jew, waits at home for her parents to take her to a Shidduch: a matchmaking meeting with a potential
groom. Mohanad, an Arabic plumber, arrives and discovers that she is hiding. Being forced to communicate through a
door, a strong bond grows between them.


Scriptwriter: Na'ama Keha

Director: Tal Haring

“It’s not a film I would have done naturally. My tendency is to think “it’s a political film” and avoid it in the first place. In my nature I look for the simplicity in people, not entangled assumptions that use the characters as instruments to pass a message. Political films are usually like that, the soldier stands for one image while the Arab woman stands for another.”

“If you succeed in bringing out the actual people, with their complexes and difficulties – beyond the political aspect – it is different. I found it very interesting opening up to it, learning it is possible to create both political and interesting films!”

Tal is 26 years old, born in Ramat Hasharon and currently living in Tel Aviv. Student in the Film and Television department of Tel Aviv University.

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