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By an ancient spring near Jerusalem, an Israeli couple

finds a quiet moment away from the rat race of Tel Aviv life.

The cool water spring is also used by a group of Palestinians

heading to their jobs in Israel. At high noon, they are forced

to look each other in the eye.

Directors: Nir Sa’ar & Maya Sarfaty

“In the film there’s a moment when the young couple encounters the Palestinian group at the spring. In that moment there is something that forces you to confront a political-ideological demand that was kept theoretical up until now… then it must be transformed,
immediately, to a practical decision: Should we stay or should we leave. Truth to be told, the safer choice is to leave but we chose to stay – only at this point a certain dialogue can
start - for this territory is no one’s, or every one’s.”

Nir Sa’ar & Maya Sarfaty are currently living in Tel Aviv. Nir is graduated from the Film and Television department of Tel Aviv University. Maya is graduated from the Nissan Nativ Acting Studio.

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