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A soldier runs into the bathroom on his military base, catching his breath after escaping from his division. While washing up, he starts creating a symphony of water drops. Indulging in the sounds, he flashes back to his childhood, when he played around in the bathtub, refusing to leave when his father told him to.

Director: Pini Tavger

“I had a moment of crisis in my army basic training, I was against army principals at the time and while standing in the camp’s bathroom I heard these drops of water. I did not practice cinema those days, but mainly music and I found it thrilling – being able to create a symphony of drops. It was a moment of catharsis, a moment that made me feel alive.”
“The demand for manly attitude is a matter I find myself dealing with lately. I’m not sure why, perhaps because it did not exist at home, as a child. I’m not only criticizing it, I also find myself yearning for it, that thing I did not have. My father didn’t tell me what to do. Perhaps
I’m putting it on the same spot as a common militarism approach we have in Israel, but I find myself drawn to it and deterred from it at the same time.”

Pini is 33 years old, born in Jerusalem to Russian immigrants. He is graduated from the Film and Television department of Tel Aviv University and from the Nissan Nativ Acting Studio.

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